Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July! As normal the Bay City fireworks crushed it!

On this weeks episode my best pal Matt Bleicher is on leave from the Navy and we had an awesome time hearing stories from his deployment and what he actually does on the ship. We also went over the process of what made him want to go into the Navy and how it worked to get the job he has now! Have a good week everyone and go Like and share on the Facebook page! Oh and thanks again Matt for taking the time to come on the show Snapchat-2050155684.jpg




super excited to release this episode! We have our first guest/interview with my good pals Ryan and Zach who are a father and son duo that compete in one of the longest canoe races in the world and if you live here in Michigan, its right in your backyard! i hope you enjoy this episode as much as i enjoyed recording it! huge shout out to Ryan and Zach for not only doing the interview but for letting us put a Dirty Mitten sticker on your canoe. Its going to look REAL NICE coming through that finish line! ENJOY and Happy fathers day. SUBSCRIBE on Castbox!!

PS. business is booming so we are actually going to drop another episode Monday (June 18th)