we get right into chatting about our favorite parts of 2018 and our hopes and dreams for 2019 and naturally we start talking about big foot and other things that might not exist…or maybe they do. We also talk about winter activities in Michigan and some interesting events that happened to us. Hope you all enjoy this episode! thanks for sticking with us!


Lets face it, resolutions come and go. Usually before that New years hangover finally goes away. But that’s fine, it really is! You don’t need some bullshit resolution to make your life better and be a better person. What you need (and what I’m realizing) is a better mindset on what is important in your life. So instead of going into 2019 wanting to lose weight or some of the other clich√© resolutions, make sure you got your brain wired correctly first, because this is the year you do something BIG, and if the ol’ thunder dome is clicking then you wont make it out of January, you wont lose a pound and 2020 will be the same as all the rest. So stop worrying about what your friends are doing, stop worrying about walls, stop worrying about all that negative shit! LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE! and lets the haters pass on by.

And for you guys that know me, and are maybe just reading this to waste time or maybe even to make fun of me. Your probably thinking, ” what is this overweight, middleclass, mailman talking about? I’m saying this for one, to hold myself accountable, and for two because I’m ready to make 2019 MY BITCH! And because I want all of my friends and family to run into this year clicking on all cylinders.

To my friends and readers, Thank you


we are back!….minus Matt for this episode but Eric filled in nicely! We have a very fun episode for you filled with randomness. stick around to the end of the episode and hear an interview with Mike and Doug from Ghost rider defense. So sit back and show this Monday that your in charge and you will be DAMNED if you don’t make it to Tuesday!